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Yearling cock from “Blauwe Jan” x “HarryVinci” wins 1st Arras

Saturday 22nd of April we raced Arras (218 KM). Release in late afternoon (14.25 hours) and with a head wind (NW) we expect the first pigeons should be arriving around 17.30 hours. at 17.29 a group of 5 were coming from the right direction. Our yearling 732 fall down as a stone and was registered at 17.29 hours. 1st club (474 p), 7th fed (1.714 p) and 15 section (3.809 p.) see the pictures of his parents.

Bittore raced against 1st price

Saturday 8th of April, the first official race of season 2017 took place. The start was good with; 1-2-3-5-6-7-9 etc. in our club. In our combine we raced against 1.845 pigeons: 2-3-13-16-18-19-23-41-42-45-50-57-58 etc. Bittore started with her second 1st price. Great start!

See the results.