Jan Ouwerkerk

What this man has reached in his total career, is hardly to describe. Whether it is sprint, middle distance or long distance, Jan conquered everything and everyone he wanted to conquer. Already many years ago he got the name “Stuntman” assigned. And what we see in year 2011? Same Jan Ouwerkerk wins on 1st NPO Orleans Division 5 South Holland.

The series titles he won in his own province are unique in the history of the Dutch pigeon sport. But nationally, we may say Jan Ouwerkerk is the top of the last 40 years of national pigeon sport.

The pigeons of Verbarth have gone hand in hand many years with Jan. As Jan says himself, “Better pigeons as Verbarthen I have never had.”

But after the era Verbarth, Jan always has a nose for finding excellent pigeons. So in 2005, Jan became 1st National Champion Long Distance. This championship was brought to Lekkerkerk brought by four cocks;

Nl.03-483 and his nestbrother Nl.03-484, the Nl.04-569 and his brother Nl.05-531. Actual toppers that breed national and international toppers! The ‘483 ‘was, among others 11th Nat. Ace pigeon long distance in 2005 and 3rd Prov. Ace pigeon long distance in 2005 & 2006. He won 1st Strombeek 5,955 birds, 3rd NPO Bourges 11,229 birds, 13th NPO Chateauroux 7.086 pigeons, 16th NPO Orleans 10,109 pigeons, 22nd NPO Ablis 22,232 pigeons, 58th National NPO Tours 8,426 pigeons and so on. Any more questions?