Janssen Bros. (Merckx)

Jeroen & Louis

Also a part of our family today is the Merckx Line of the Janssen Bros from Arendonk. With these pigeons together with the Kadet line from Karel Meulemans and the van de Flaes Pigeons.  It became apparent  that the Merckx line pigeons for ten’s of years produced a long line of “cracks”, who seldom missed the prize list and had a tendency to fly ahead of the flock, besides being very prepotent breeders. A nice experience was, that after the passing of Marien Pieterse in 1984, a total sale was held of his pigeons, the auctioneers (Stan & Gust Raympeckers) called Leo and asked “Leo, don’t you want to sell your pigeons”. The reason for asking this question was that Leo owned more pigeons from the Merckx and Kadet, then Marien Pieterse and his partner Bert van Es did themselves, the answer, was no of course. The NL80-351441 inherited his qualities from his famous grandfather the old Merckx, from the Janssen Bros, Leo never raced him and because he possessed all the super qualities, was directly put to stock. This cock, when mated to NL78-194448 it formed the foundation pair for the “A” line. This mating was like drawing the winning ticket from the lottery, as they produced many winners. Later it also became apparent, that they passed on their winning genes. An example is the NL81-1436419, a “perfect pigeon” who had everything. He became next to his father the “441” the best breeder from the loft. The “419” bred to a daughter of the “Dunne” van Piet Voogel, a Janssen & Van de Flaes with a Van Loon hen in their background, produced many top pigeons. This hen, the “Queen” was e perfect match in every way for the “419”. She also was directly put to stock, because her father the “ Dunne” became the #1 ace pigeon of Holland at the short distance, in 1976. The “King” a son from the “419” x “Queen”. became the #1 ace pigeon from all Holland at the middle distance, in the competition WHZB sponsored by the N.P.O. and in the competition from the Vredesduif, a Dutch pigeon publication. Both these competitions, determine their championships with a total different point system. It has never happened before, or since that one pigeon in the same year won both competitions. His brother the “Keizer” is also a champion. This great pigeon won 3x 1st in the Rayon against thousands of pigeons in each and was 3x the fastest from the entire Kuststrook against approx 23.000 pigeons per race.